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FBF - Sheet Metal Fabricators, Metal Stamping Companies Philadelphia, PA
Check out http://fbfinc.com/, one of the best metal fabrication shops in the Philadelphia region. See sheet metal stamping, laser cutting services in action.

metal fabricators
http://www.chinasavvy.com/industrial/metalfabricationchina.php metal fabricators.

Custom metal fabricators - Welding
http://www.chinasavvy.com/industrial/materials-processes.php Most metals can be welded. Each metal requires special skills. Tig welding aluminum requires ...

sheet metal fabrication
Chih Kang is a professional OEM sheet metal fabrication in Taiwan. Chih Kang, an OEM sheet metal factory in Taiwan, produces metal box, case, enclosure, ...

High Tech Sheet Metal Fabricator - CGI Metal Fabrications
CGI High Tech Sheet Metal Fabrication is a preferred supplier at the Deisgn-2-Part Show. CGI is a custom sheet metal fabricator of light to medium gauge ...